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Great Questions for Golfers To Ponder

Thursday, the 19th of March 2020 |
Great Questions for Golfers To Ponder Image

The Coronavirus is giving us all time to ponder...life, our future and, of course, golf!

  • Will Tiger Woods ever win another tournament?
  • Can a top LPGA Tour pro make a cut on the PGA Tour?
  • How accurate is your handicap?
  • Try scoring your round like this one day: All shots on the course are worth one stroke, but putts are worth ½ stroke. How would your score change?
  • How many driving range balls are in your bag right now?
  • Would you like to see a PGA Tour event with no caddies, no yardage books, no greens diagram and no gallery?
  • Is the TOP 125 exempt list on the PGA Tour killing the will to win?
  • How do we know Pine Valley is the #1 golf course in America?
  • What the hell does “TOUR” model, “TOUR” distance, or “TOUR” anything mean?
  • Whatever happened to the ALIEN sand wedge?
  • Does it really help to fire your caddie?
  • If you just fix YOUR ball mark on the green, would courses need to post signs that say, “Keep our greens in shape by fixing your ball mark and one other”?
  • Isn’t landing in a divot and having to hit from it a total contradiction of the etiquette of the game that the USGA holds so highly? (It certainly wasn’t my divot I didn’t replace)
  • Why does any course need computers in carts?
  • If you just hit one shot every five minutes on the course, then why do you hit five shots every minute on the range?
  • If sand bunkers are considered hazards, why do we hear Tour pros yell, “Get in the bunker,” but we never hear them yell, “get in the water”?
  • Does anyone really care about celebrity golf?
  • Why do golf courses have such pretty names when the game is so brutal?
  • Should the USGA Rules of Golf pertain to every level of golf?
  • Who felt like the new ‘drop ball rule’ from knee high was a good idea?
  • Why don’t PGA Tour pros have tattoos like most every other sport?
  • Do you really need 14 clubs in your bag?
  • Many old movies get a rebirth in Hollywood. Should “Caddyshack” be the next remake?
  • Since irons are made from hard metals, are iron covers really necessary?
  • Has Scotty Cameron ever had an original idea for a putter?
  • Do you really know how far you hit your driver?