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Friday, the 16th of August 2019 | Breaking News

In a chance meeting, avid GD fans Sierra Trudel and Sir Nick Faldo bumped into each other at the Northern Trust Open. Sir Nick certainly liked what he saw.......

YES that's what I thought when I first received the photos.......here's another golf pro up to no good and bothering the ladies, however, this was a perfectly innocent encounter between GD Superfan Sierra Trudel and golf legend Sir Nick Faldo.

The Real Life Caddie Podcast recently produced an episode called: 'The Good, The bad and The Ugly!', and it turns out Sierra has a tattoo of Clint Eastwood on her arm. Yes that's right. If you don't believe me, see the photos below:

Notice how their fingers are almost touching? Heavy flirting I think. The image on the right shows the real deal.

Here is a closer picture of the tattoo itself and some 'fast moves' from Sir Nick......... Eazy Bro!

After the excitement had died down, Sierra and Sir Nick enjoyed a drink and a cigar, and Sir Nick explained that he and Clint Eastwood are very good friends. He even told Sierra that 'HE' has caddied for Clint in the past! Does that mean that Sir Nick is a Glorified Donkey?

By the end of the evening, they exchanged numbers and may meet again. Shawn Trudel, Sierra's husband, was gutted when Sir Nick was not interested in seeing his tattoo of Bryson DeChambeau. Security quickly escorted Shawn out of the corporate hospitality after he started pulling down his shorts. APPARENTLY it is located on the inside of his his thigh.

* Many thanks to Shawn for the photos. Stay tuned for more golfing nonsense!